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  • Howdy

    Yes, it's a right mess.

    My other team is Bristol City because it's my neck of the woods and I have seen them so many times..............To be honest, the days in the 4th division when we played excellent football were just as fantastic as the old Div 1 days but in a different way. These days if you slip away from the BIG money there is very little chance of a way back!

    I chose Villa when i was a wee boy because I liked their kit!!!!! But to be honest, I just love football and like Villa above all other teams but i don't have that die hard support that would mkle me upset if they went down....maybe because it is not a bred in thing from generations of family due to living local to the team.

    From my time watching football, i have Villa head and shoulders above the rest but Liverpool, Spurs and Southampton as the other teams i wish well to.

    On the Ellis point..............you are dead right!