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  • i have been patient with the situation this season, BUT, if we lose to milwall or newcastle then lambert must go. i have not been happy with the club since doug sold to randy but this is now getting bloo dy silly.

    villa 'til; i die.

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    • Seeing as Randy don't believe in sacking managers part-way through a season, it means we're going down barring a miracle.

      If so can we come back up with Lambert?

    • well thats another 3 points gone .
      i do not know what the hell will turn this around, if its down to luck we are knackered she eff'ed orf with a couple of baggies for a gang boing,. i think that if the noses carry on as they are, there should be a derby on the cards next term.


      villa 'til i die.

    • Well...............Money isn't going to be forked out to keep us up, that much is obvious.

      I don't think Lerner knew what he was getting himself in for by owning a Premiership club. In American sport you can't get relegated, so any money spent will still get re-couped via TV deals etc.

      OK, of course he knew teams can go down but he probably didn't understand just how a slight shift in power/finances/a poor signing or 2 etc could make a team slip from top 6 to bottom 3............and then the dilema of 'do i spend and stay up and rake in the millions, or would it be good many after bad '?

      His heart does not seem to be in it and niether does his wallet.

      Say what you like about Ken Bates but he left Villa (i believe) virtualy debt free.......................i don't think that's the case now.

      I bet he would sell and run if he could get the right deal!

      And IMO it's not an 'IF' we go down.............we are down. We have no spirit and fight, we can't score or defend. OK other teams are around us but in the current form table, we are bottom at the crucial stage.

    • Anyway, things could be worse..................your other team could be Bristol City...........AAARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

    • hi roy, i beleive that when randy paid douglas the deal was for a debt free football club. one of the very few in world football. i beleive that we now owe around 200 million, and as far as i am aware have sold off many assets including bodymore heath which we now rent. of course my info could be wrong.

      one of the few things that i now get pleasure out of is telling the mugs who wanted mr ellis out, that you reap what you sow.

      if you are going to have a second team it should be alvechurch or may be redditch, or for real villa fans we have 2 teams, villa and warwickshire ccc.

      bears for summertime but villa til i die.

    • Howdy

      Yes, it's a right mess.

      My other team is Bristol City because it's my neck of the woods and I have seen them so many times..............To be honest, the days in the 4th division when we played excellent football were just as fantastic as the old Div 1 days but in a different way. These days if you slip away from the BIG money there is very little chance of a way back!

      I chose Villa when i was a wee boy because I liked their kit!!!!! But to be honest, I just love football and like Villa above all other teams but i don't have that die hard support that would mkle me upset if they went down....maybe because it is not a bred in thing from generations of family due to living local to the team.

      From my time watching football, i have Villa head and shoulders above the rest but Liverpool, Spurs and Southampton as the other teams i wish well to.

      On the Ellis point..............you are dead right!

    • "Say what you like about Ken Bates but he left Villa (i believe) virtualy debt free"....... Don't want to be critical Roy, but to the best of my knowledge , Ken Bates has never had any interest in Villa..Surely we are talking about deadly Doug here..?

    • Ha ha

      You know what..................i was in the middle of something at work and the thought "I said Ken bates" popped in to my mind.............Then i thought "No", i wouldn't be so dense!!!!

    • hi roy, i was too polite to mention it lol. but i did make reference to mr ELLIS in my reply just to let you know.

      # 19.

      Villa 'til i die.

    • I think even Ken Bates wouldnt have made such of a pig's ear out of the Villa, that Lerner and lambert has...but will never know now will we ?...

      Alex Mcleish anyone ?


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