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  • EDDINO EDDINO Nov 30, 2008 21:44 Flag

    eddino's fantasy sports universal pub

    Looking for a fun yahoo group to join for free,that has to do with fantasy sports, but also has the feeling of a neighborhood pub? Come join us at the Universal Pub. It's not a fancy web site, but a yahoo group,a little different than most you will encounter as , being a cyber pub, things can go in a lot of directions( bt respect for one another always comes first, not a trash talk group).comfortable place,where you can recruit for your fantasy league in any sport without fear of being banned by the moderator like in other groups, or seek a league, or even suggest one be started in a sport you are interested in.. A lot of us run customized leagues via speeadsheet and I myself run battle of the sexes leagues, so lady sports fans are very much encouraged at the pub... It's also a place to discuss fantasy sports or sports in general, any sport at all, no restricitions. I have leagues in most everything myself.
    Besides that like any other pub discussions can go in other directions as well lol. There are polls to be given, photos to share, a folder section for your customized leagues and a links section, where we can share music, sports,humor and more. We have a lot of members 150, but I call it the silent majority as it has gotten very quiet as of late, so I need to bring some new lively people into the pub( not a prerequisite that you be lively to join lol). Would be nice to have some people that enjoy blogging and are creative, to help out in the article posting about various fantasy sports or sports in general, so if you are a frusterated journalist, might be a fun place to be too! E MAIL messages can be controlled in different ways from accepting all, to just checking in on the group and accepting none, so don't let that be a deterrant to you either. A pub is only as good as its patrons, so I'm looking forward to finding some new enthusiastic people
    from all across the universe,http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/eddino55fantasysportsuniverse/