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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 11, 2007 19:30 Flag

    What now...................

    Well, another passionless performance, when is this club going to stop making excuses and get to the core of the problem. Once again Kennys wisdom of team choice was nothing short of pathetic, not wanting to jump on the anti Kenny bandwagon but enoughs enough, the team has no width or depth to it's play,your NOT Liverpool/Chelsea etc, your NOT capable of 'walking' the ball in, we made an ordinary Oldham side look good, yes they were workman like, but done nothing else. A number of players yesterday just went through the motions, i spoke to Huw Jenkins after the match who admitted himself that 'something' has to be done, considering the boasts of big club with a big team, big stadium etc, it's about time we started getting some 'big' results, Kenny, sort it out or get out, the players are dictating to you what goes on i've been part of this Jack army for over 30yrs, but i'm starting to get a bit tired of wasting money week after week for what can best be described as an amateur dramatic show, if you lose that's acceptable, but do it with some passion and pride not this garbage your producing week in week out and as for you Cardiff lot who have a few beers on a saturday then flood the boards with rubbish, take a look in your own cupboards before you go looking in those of others, your nothing special and as history dictates, you NEVER will be.

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