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  • sheehan sheehan Apr 25, 2010 00:02 Flag

    swansea's rotation system

    I have had it with paulo sousa not using the strongest team earlier. We have gone down the play offs because of him. He is relaxing what a #$%$. We need to offload some strikers and get goal scorers. We could have got the wembley money to our hand and sell some strikers and get two strong strikers. You need to spend crazy money or we will be relegated next year because of scoring the lowest in the league. Use the 4-4-2 formation that makes our midfield and strikers the right number. We need 4 midfileds because they are the engine in the team. But we need 2 not one so that we can score. Where the heck is lee trundle? He has proven earlier he can score but he is not getting a chance from paulo sousa. All the fans are frustrated of rotation that is why we have dropped from the last play-off place. You should have listened to Ian Rush but being stubborn has a negative effect on the club, players and the fans. We expect next year that swansea will get two goal scorers that will send us back to the premier league and do not rotate the team. Pintado is useless, use Kuqi and trundle. Give trundle a chance to prove himself. Please I am speaking for the fans. Always a jack :(

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