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  • Kipperroy me old mate. Have you been pissin off that bloke in Newcastle again? He's back on the Villa site using your name.

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    • I can't help it Nig.It's a bit like your old dog that when you were a boy you took 4 walks and played with him all the time,but then he gets old boring and shits everywhere and you don't have the same interest in him......And when he's gone you kinda miss him even though you didn't think you would.If you give an unarmed man a kicking it's called bullying...If you give an educationally stupid man a verbal kicking is it still bullying or can they sometimes deserve it?Seriously though,i do genuinly look for a debate but seem to be a magnet to the fruitcakes,and then not to my credit i know,i enjoy picturing his clenched fists as he bashes out total trash on his keyboard...I will have to get some councelling.