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  • Nick Nick Jan 4, 2009 21:02 Flag

    your bristol city line ups

    Well Kev; 6 points over the Xmas Period naturally helps.

    Let's see if Styvar can do the business for us but he's going to need time to settle.

    Unfortunately; because Mr Lansdown and Mr Johnson are so secretive with informing the Fans how much money we have to spend on improving the side; it's difficult to say who we can buy without knowing how much you got to spend.

    It's like me saying to the Wife; go and book a holiday however I'm not going to tell you what our budget is.

    Lansdown and Johnson has to be more open with the Fans; he will earn more respect that way and we will have more clarity on what the Reds spending budget really is.

    Once we are aware of this and of the wages constraints then we could target the relevant players.

    It would be good to have some Premiership experieinced type players but can we afford them?


    Phillips - Birmingham

    Beattie - Sheffield United

    Ehiogu - Sheffield United

    Caldwell - Burnley