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  • kevin kevin Jul 21, 2009 22:23 Flag

    lee trundle 2

    lee trundle is a quality player who hasn't been­ given a chance to shine in his true position, he has a­ fantastic touch, takes a brilliant set piece(not given­ any chance to do so at city) just because he­ doesn't run his @#$% off like a workhorse, johnson­ won't play him(instead he sticks with his son, who­ is his achillies heel, his son, can't tackle(quite­ important in central midfield) can't go past a­ player, can't head the ball, rarelypasses further­ than 2 yards) can't take a free kick..in fact he is­ a waste of time, the captain got dropped last year for­ accusing him of hiding on the pitch..ITS TRUE he's­ awful he loses possesion far to often) lee trundle­ won't get a chance to shine under gary johnson FACT­ I am a massive admirer of GJ but have always said his­ judgement is clouded when it comes to his son, many­ believe the team sheets are pre printed and last year­ they always looked like this

    ­ BASSO

    ORR CAREY ­ McCOOMBE ­ Mcallister

    ------ ELLIOT ­ JOHNSON Mcindoe

    ­ Maynard ­ Adebola

    expect no change this year(well apart from­ adebola)

    we will be going down

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    • kevin. i could have written that myself, i am getting to thinking that i am the only one who can see that lee johnson is in fact holding us back.he is taking up the shirt of many better midfielders we have had or have now ie, noble williams skuse carle , all better but no chance if johnson is fit, gary will put 3 or 4 in and juggle midfield rather than just leave him out thus hiding him. we desperatley need a strong midfielder who can dictate, and have done for ages but that would mean dropping his son and it wont happen so for me gary is not picking our strongest side available, i txt geof twentyman every friday nite through season saying that but he says if lee johnsons name was different we would not be saying it . thats right if his name was not johnson he would not be anywhere near championship football,i dont see any other clubs after him and only time without his dad he didnt last 5 mins (hearts). truns sat behind front would be better . marvin is a workhorse not a creator so get a creative player in now. this will be a defining season for gary i think we will struggle