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  • What a mistake this deal is. Our new manager should be begging Rasiak to stay, offering him a lift in to work each day if required. This is typical of this manager (assistant manager at his last job and not even Derbys first or second choice). Why ruin a good attack/mid field. We saw this with Derby two years ago and George Burnley took two years to sort it out. What Derby need is a better defence, including goalkeeper. Mark my words, we will struggle now. I predict we will loose at least 15 goals if Rasiak goes and we cant afford that. What are Derby management thinking of. Cant they see the #$%$ up this is.

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    • as you may know the manager didnt know that they were selling rasiak to spurs, maybe every one should be asking why he didnt as for protesting ect what are the fans hoping to achieve get rid of the boaed ok but who wants a club in the finacial situation derby are in the answer is no one with any sense thats for sure

    • From what I read, Jeremy Keith was to blame for selling Rasiak and, as a result, sacrafising any early hope of Derby getting promoted. I say sack Keith. If all he got for Rasiak was £2m he should resign. £2m is not too higher price for Derby to fight for promotion is it? He hasnt even lined up a replacement, and whatsmore, he didnt even get Derby Board approval for it. He is destroying or Club.

    • definitely a financial move, player was happy to resign a longer contract, with limited fire power up-front we are going to struggle for sure. that move has probably resigned us to years in the championship, a club with the facilities & fan base we have we should be in the premiership not selling our best players or do we pray for an abromovich.

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      • Your right of course. Derby just made a statement about the player wanting Premiership football. They all want that! What kind of management do we have when they cant talk one of our best players out of a move. Perhaps with all the players we have on loan etc we could sell a few and give him support in defence. That would help. Why are we selling our best player with no replacement ready? Sure we have a cash flow situation, but cant our management arrange to buy a player and have a player to sell already sorted? If I were in the Board I’d be talking to Rasiak and telling him that if he gets Derby up next year he can write his own ticket. No wonder George Burnley left!