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  • paul paul Jan 5, 2006 04:55 Flag

    Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

    Well over half a season gone with PHIL CLOWN as the man given the task of carrying on from where we left of last year. So why did we appoint someone with little managerial expieriance... OK so the reason for that was obivious he is cheap!
    So he should do the decent thing and leave before we end up playing N********m F****t next season
    (and no i dont think they are coming back up!)
    He should serve his management apprentiship somewhere else to where he is more suited (Sunday League)

    So these are my views and i think PHIL CLOWN fits the bill perfectly for his new name!

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    • well what can any true ram say after yesterday,s total humiliation i have said before give mr brown a chance after yesterday i take it all back the man is a joke as a manager and its time he and our present board did the decent thing and left our wonderfull club to give some 1 else a chance they cant be no worse

    • The biggest problem with phil brown is his team selection and tactics which I guess is a massive part of the game and explains all. We won sat why? cos he was forced to play a decent striker Peschy. he says pesky has been a victim of the system, well scrap the system its browns system and it was getting his draws not results. u can draw 46 championship games theoreotically but the end result with 3 for a win is relegation,maybe brown should do a maths exam or something!

    • well i have a couple of questions for you number 1 who the hell would come to derby in his place after idiakez and all our top players have gone and number two where is the money coming from for anyone better because it wont be the board or the bank thats for sure we r in the mire and things dont look like getting better only worse

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      • listen the guy has taken a team that finished 4th and turned us into releGATION fodder. By insisting that we play defensive ignore our footballing skills and play one upfront at home. The guy is a joke he changes things a la gregory just for changings sake! I could do a better job, anyone we brought in would not ignore the strengths of the team and would let us play football and we could win matches. This guy has a bolton don't lose and draw mentality. We will not go up this way, we will go down...
        the board are useless IMO but this guy is incompetant and this guy is the modern day howard wilkinson without the success!!!!