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  • B4ts B4ts Jan 17, 2008 02:03 Flag

    Automatic Promotion

    Hi Nige !
    So, Jewell wants better players than Jermaine Beckford at Leeds. He certainly does, about 11 of them I would say ! One interesting point, Beckford has scored 16 goals so far, Derby as a team, have managed.......17 in the league ! My bet is Beckford will overtake your total fairly soon !

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    • Our goals are in the PREMIER and yours are in the old THIRD division........ so how good is he.

    • as a rams fan ile be first to say derby are not good enough and when promoted last season i knew along with thousands of rams fans that we went up a season too early.its pitiful to watch but we will be better for the experience come next season.im not going to get invovled in whos the biggest club to me theres only 4 clubs in football these days which i feel is wrong but who are we we just go thru the turnstiles,yes leeds were a big club who had sucess along with derby in the 70s but now we are just another football team who we will support for the rest of our days regardless of which league we are in .good luck for the rest of the season.beckford is class at the mo but can he hack it in a higher divison i think so but time will tell jewell is amassing a squad to get straight bac up next season.