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    Resigned to Relegation

    Derby County.

    Dubbed the WORST club ever to play in the EPL.

    Yet made Foster pull off three wonderful, life-saving blocks to save United's bacon for a 1-0 win.

    Something to take from the match? Hmm, maybe a renewed knowledge that Ben Foster is possibly a mini-Schmeichel? After all, they did play against him in the Championship, the deep, dark, moneyless pits under the rich, exciting, global, "Best League in the World" EPL.

    Now that even Paul Jewel, who insists that managing a club that can look up and see 19 other teams above them and can look down and see the Championship as clear as water is more stressing than sitting pretty as top duck at Manchester United, able to glance out of the window and see 22+ players that all other clubs in the world would whip out the cheque books and write down numbers that you only encounter in two situations: when you're sitting for your finals and battling a tricky Mathematics questions with huge figures, and when you're manager of a club that has more money than the entire of El Salvador altogether, switching on the telly and seeing Luis Figo and saying, "Right, I'll have that." Jewel is resigned to relegation. Now he's thinking, "Right, back to the Championship. Now to win promotion again."

    Of course, he's got 9+ games to suffer through before he has a bit of a task guiding the Rams back to the EPL battleground. Will it be a breeze back to the league that every lad in England hopes to join, or a task that will have them pulling together everything they've got (including pennies found in gutters next to churches) to grind and crawl back into the EPL?

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    • worst club in the epl very interesting worse record yes but are the team up to the job on the perfomance against man u yes 100 per cent so now we have to see where things have gone wrong is it the manager well he picks the team but have the team performed to the best of thier ability on the performance against man u no way have they so they have to put there hands up and say we didnt give derby county 100 per cent and that is why we r where we r now roll on next season when most of them will be gone and derby county fans hopefully will have a team proud to put on that shirt