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  • 1 Iceman 1 Iceman Sep 29, 2011 07:18 Flag

    The year to do it

    If Derby can prove themselves this is the year to do it. 40 years ago Derby went to the top of the league under the manager at that time Nigel's Dad Brian,so what an Anniversary this could be,if under Nigel they can do what the lads did then.Has a teenager our family met Brian,not planned,at Keddleston Hall while there for my Grandparents Golden Anniversary,Brian must have wondered what was going on that day but I can't fault him he was a gentleman,he didn't turn any of us away. For one reason and another I've never gone to any matches,now I have time but disabled and limited by a mobility scooter its not possible now.I live in Coventry but still do what I've done all these years check Derby's score to see how there doing,I won't get to meet Nigel but I wish him and the lads well and hope they can make it a year to remember.