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  • B4ts B4ts Oct 23, 2007 02:05 Flag

    Not doing too well.

    C'mon Bluebirds, when are you gonna start playing? I know I have given you some #$%$ but I was sure you would been doing better by now. Any sensible comments ?

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    • Hiyer bats, fancy seeing you here.!

      What I mean is..that last season, alot of these boards were buzzing, and a gossip or discussion, slanging match etc could be had anytime. Now we are lucky to find anyone on most boards. The only thing that has changed is that the operators of the boards have created a situation where if anyone new comes onto a board and havent adjusted the 'star rating' it appears that there is little if anyone on. Only the regulars are comong on who have altered the star rating to 1* and below thats what I think anyway. or are we the only saddo's out there?

    • Thats your problem signing players like him, he only signed for you lot cos he trebbled his wages...He a waste of space on a football pitch.
      All very well you signing Fowler and Jimmy but he will never put in a good cross and when he gets into the DIZZY heights of the other half of the pitch he always turns back the way he's just come from and puts in useless crosses and silly little hospital balls. Waste of space...........
      True Green.