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  • monkeyman monkeyman Apr 7, 2008 00:56 Flag

    FA Cup final

    Omg we are there wooooooooot, heart was in my mouth from 10 mins onwards, well done boys, now i need to do every thing to get ticket for final after watchin from armchair for this one

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    • cardiff should only be given 4000 tickets as this is their average gate all arm chair supporters shouldn't be allowed they make me sick. if cardiff hadn't reached you would not of heard of cardiff fair play to the 4000 loyal fans they deserve to go

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      • Well the fact i now live 400 miles from cardiff i am unable to attend many home game and attend most away games north of brum, and unable to to get ticket and no longer season ticket holder which i was for 8yrs and been supporting them 30yrs since childhood.

        As for 4000 average crowd lol again your talking outta ur f**king #$%$ and you really should get ur facts straight b4 u shoot ur big f**king gob off !

      • Not a huge lover of Cardiff City, some of the fans are great, others, well, not so great. BUT, this was a well fought cup run and the club deserve all the support it can muster. The club is in dire financial straits, it needs all the money it can get, AND it needs as much support as it can get in the Final to try to win the trophy. I think your reasoning is well meant,BUT, this level of success has evaded Cardiff for a long number of years, to talk of restricting the ticket allocation is unfair. I actually belief if Cardiff were given the entire amount of tickets for Wembley, they could probably fill the stadium !! Good luck to both finalists and may the better team on the day win.

    • Congratulations from a Southampton fan....now please make my year and beat Pompey in the final. well done Cardiff city.