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  • Trevor Trevor Jun 26, 2008 02:46 Flag

    turkey isn't really in Europe anyhow

    how comes Turkey are in the competition it isn't in Europe, what next, Syria?

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    • To Watch Tukey @ Syria at http://www.nowgoal.com/14.shtml
      Live soccer free streaming, Livescore and odds comparison too.

    • What idiot came up with that saying: Turkey isn't part of Europe. You are an ignorant person and it shows with your dislike of Turks. Get your facts straight! Yes, the majority of Turkey is in Asia, but the MAJORITY OF RUSSIA IS ALSO IN ASIA. In fact Russia, a European country just like Turkey, has more land In ASIA THAN ALL OF EUROPE. For all those people that are ignorant or have no idea of the truth, TURKEY has a foothold in Europe, it might be about 4% of the total country but that 4% OF TURKEY IN EUROPE is larger than five European countries put together- Andorra, Luxembourg, Malta, San Marino, and, Lichtenstein. Also for your Information, the European part of Turkey, which borders Greece and Bulgaria has more people than the entire country of Greece. SO QUIT HATING!!!
      By the way did you know that Israel is also part of UEFA ( Union of European Football Associations) and last time I Checked they shared borders with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt - not any European countries...

    • Didn't the majority of the alleged 1.5m die in the desert after they were expelled form Turkey for siding with the invading Russian army? Wasn't there as many Turks killed too?

      Consider, for example, a hypothetical scenario where Mexico invaded the US while the US was involved in a world war and on its knees, and all the many Hispanics in the US took up arms to side with Mexico against the US with the ultimate aim to carve up, say California, as an independent state for themselves - then wouldn't you, me and the world expect the US people to retaliate against Hispanics? I'd be the first to get tooled up if the same happened in England.

      When discussing such matters try to think back, put yourself in the scenario to get a better understanding. Its called empathy, i think.

    • wrong actually most of turkey is in asia and half of the city of istanbul is in europe but turkey's culture, government and influence are european

    • you dummy
      have you no sense of geography!!!
      turkey is partially in europe and more importantly is more european and westernized in its government and culture
      besides turkey had a great team that played much better than the germans did

    • Maybe you folks should stop this historical nonsense. I was told, as a kid, the the Spaniards did terrible things to us hundreds of years ago, and I won't mention the Germans and WWII. However, I happen to have many great German friends and I would not trade my regular trips to Spain for anything in the world (by the way, they really love this great Turk, Nihat). Whatever happened in the past is long gone. Please live today's life and enjoy football. Only a fool would fail to recognize that Turkish football has improved spectacularly since they finally stayed in UEFA, and only a no-brainer woul deny that they have grown up to become one of the most exciting and prolific football nations.

      I am Dutch, tall, white and blue eyed, and proud of it, as I am proud of all the non-white, tall or not, great players who have defended the Oranje over the years.

      Maps, wars...LOL

    • why don t you have a look at the world map before you write something. Maybe even you can learn something new.

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      • You say Turkey is not in Europe. Then, why is Cyprus in Europe? Checking the map, you will see if it is in Europe but not Turkey. Also, see Russia. By the way, we Turks are not very fond of your Europe. You even regard a sportive organization as a political issue, then do not blame Turkey. One more thing; if Europe do not regard Turkey as a part of itself, then it should never hope anything from us. Those who claim Turkey as not a part of Europe are nothing more than a spoilt crying baby.

    • folks

      interesting dialogue..however formally the council of europe ( see link) has Turkey as a full member country since 1949 and it is represented at the parliament of the council of europe..along with 47 other nations..( not to be confused with the european union which only has about 1/2 of european nations)..etc etc etc

      now stop squabbling..this is football we are talking, right?



    • Well turkey is not in Europe, only 10% of their territory is in Europe. What about Israel, they are not in Europe at all but are competing in European championships also Azerbejzan, Armenia, Georgia and few other former soviet union republics.

    • Half of Turkey is in Europew and half is in Asia.

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