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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 3, 2006 20:38 Flag

    well done to your lads so far!!!

    im a HUGE blue nose scouser who now just moved to wallingford.... not far from reading and absolutely gobsmacked how well your doing!!! hope you get the game in hand and take 3rd spot cos you deserve it!!! cant even say you scrape through each game, its as if you been in the prem for ages!!!
    its good to see a team dont need money... just heart and all the best lads ( although hope we hump you on the 23rd dec lol) fuck the critics welldone so far and all the best blue boys!!!... do me 1 favour break some fuckers leg belonging to the red nose shite lpool next time you play them (EFC PRIDE OF MERSYSIDE)

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    • thanx mate, i've always had a soft spot for you blue noses, coz missus like's em...i've had season ticket @ reading now for a few years, been going bout 20yrs now, and boy wot a dream start we are havin.... good luck toffes........finish higher above them reds...cant stand em...

    • as an arsenal fan l would to congratulate and compliment you guys the way you play,l sincerly hope you qualify for europe,you play a a team you made life difficult for man u and chelsea had to win via a deflection otherwise you matched them in every department,unfortunately u couldnt cope with our quick passing,your manager has built a strong team that play for each other keep up the spirit boys,l wish you all the best.