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  • Stefan R Stefan R May 4, 2010 12:37 Flag

    Rotherham Utd Transfer Rumour

    I was reading the Manchester Evening News earlier and saw that apparently Rotherham Utd are going to put off buying a new stadium for a year and use the money to sign Carlos Tevez. apparently Ronnie Moore has been in talks with Carlos Tevez for a few months now and Tevez has stated that he is feeling home sick playing for a big club and wants to move to somewhere smaller. Now Roberto Mancini has said Tevez is surplus to requirements Tevez and has no need to stay at Manchester City, Tevez has stated he wants to change clubs "as soon as possible."

    Ronnie Moore has said with the revenue gained from signing Tevez plus maybe getting promoted this season, next season he could still afford the stadium and maybe move back up into the championship in the next few years.

    Has anybody else heard about this and have more information?

    Thank you

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