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  • Erik Erik Dec 19, 2007 18:35 Flag

    Who will win in 2008?

    We're merely days away from the Australian Open 2008 so its about time we had a chat about who will win. Roger Federer has been in the press saying he's very keen to retain the title. Although he might occasionaly seem unbeatable, does anyone have any thoughts about who will win this year? Can Federer do it again or will there be challengers ready to fight him for the Australian Open?

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    • Haha you can defend him all you like but still Nadal plays well only on clay and if he continues forcing himself like this on hardcourts he`ll start losing on clay too.Trust me Nadal`s full body style of play will shorten his career.He won`t last for long.

    • i'm sick and tired of the sayings that nadal is only good at clay.
      he is just a very unlucky player.because he is so perfect on clay,even a little mistake on other surfaces counts as a failure.he was criticized by not making past quarterfinals in us and aussie open,now he did made it and people still don't like him. (i'm totally against the argument that in paris masters,he had an easy draw:youzhny and baghdatis always give nadal trouble and he beat them to make the finals)
      just like nobody will ever consider roger as a "clay court player",it's the same destiny for nadal in hardcourts.

    • still - nadal can only play on clay


    • i asuming you are talking to me, Somebody. And no, i would never call somebody names. Doing that is showing weak!
      In this discussion we keep talking around in circles, we just don't think alike and lets keep it at that. It's kinda something to call someone a conformist, especially someone you don't know. My opinions aren't formed by the mass, i have my own and make up my own mind, thank you very much!
      And if this is the way you gonna attack my opinions, i gotta say i'm kinda done with it.
      There's more than one good player in this world. Period! End of discussion for me!
      Let's enjoy the game...

    • i haven't lost my grip to reality, and unlike most of people here (not you) i don't shout and fight or call someone stupid just because i disagree, i, as a matter of fact, have arguments for my claims.
      ok, nadal:
      roland garros - winner (clay)
      wimbledon - final (grass) djokovic retired from their semi final clash due to injury, it was 1-0 in sets for djokovic
      ausstralian open - semifinal (hard) but, let's be realistic he's had a pretty easy draw and was trashed by tsonga
      us open - r16 (hard)
      that's his grand slam record
      master series:
      indian wales - winner (hard) defeated djokovic in the final, would love to see him do that this year
      rome - winner (clay)
      monte carlo - winner (clay)
      paris - final (hard) again pretty easy draw
      hamburg - final (clay) defeated by federer
      montereal - semifinal (hard) def. by djokovic, who by the way won the title by defeating roddick, nadal and federer, not to mantion rafa's draw again
      madrid - quarter final (hard)
      miami - quarter final (hard) def by djokovic yet again
      cincinaty - r32 (hard)

      so i think it does have a point saying rafa's not a complete player and will never be a true no1. he is currently no2 because in the last two years there hasn't been any real competition to federer and him, but now djokovic started playing his real game it's gonna be interesting to see how things develope

      and yes, there is something more to the world than djokovic but at the moment federer and nadal aren't that something...

      not calling you stupid or anything but i think your opinion is beeing modeled by the majority and you're a kind of conformist, don't know how much you watch tennis and see how really good are players and what are their flaws

    • hahaha, now you are way off base. I am not stupid at all!!! AND nothing and nobody is forever, not federer, not nadal, not djokovic....absolutely no one. We will see who's turn it is and for how long. Don't hold your for breath too long though!

    • I am totaly agree with you!!!
      Djokovic is the best. Only he can beat Federer

    • I agree with you! Djokovic didn't want to insult enyone. Last time, man who interwiu Djokovic, ask him to imitate maria Sharapova. Maria and Novak are good friends. That's all joke. I hope that Djokovic will beat federer on semifinal. Nadal is a great player but I think that Novak is better on every ped not only dross like Nadal. Nobody can win agenst nadal on dross.

    • Novak can win! he have real chance=) Sharapova will win, i give 100%

    • I think it will be federer, but Novak and Tsonga have chanses too. Sharapova will win, i give 100%

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