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  • Chuck Chuck Dec 19, 2007 19:02 Flag

    Who will win in 2008?

    My money's on Nadal. I think 2008 will be his year. He's going to be desperate to beat Federer. Generally speaking, he must be gutted to be playing tennis at the same time as Federer. But it probably makes him a better player - he has to push himself that much harder to compete against Federer. Its bound to pay off sooner or later...

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    • Tricky one this. Part of me thinks that it'll be someone other than Federer and Nadal. don't get me wrong, they're both incredible athletes at the top of their game but other players will be trying very hard to knock them down. It'd be great for the game too.

      I'm going with Djokovic or Davydenko...