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  • Robbie Hood Robbie Hood Aug 25, 2005 15:58 Flag

    Why I despise BlackBurn Rovers

    Theres only really 2 teams I really hate in the premiership Manchester united and Blackburn rovers, and the reason I hate Blackburn is because their team is just full of mindless thugs who dont deserve to be in the premiership, last season they managed to get Arjen Robben out for months, nearly wreck Cisse's Career, I think even Wayne bridge got injured for the season when Chelsea beat them 1-0. Then they got about 10000 cards and ended bottom of the fiarplay league, and now theyre at it again. Whats with the 2 sending off's of 3 games? Whats with that Thug Dickov, has he got the intelligence of a ameoba? Robbie Savage, an apt name for a two football lunging thug.

    And now a headbutt by Andy Todd, and another sending off, its absolute madness, why do the FA allow this to go on with just cards and bans, Blackburn should be put into administration for this, because they wreck players seasomns and careers, just because they cant perform very well themselves.

    If blackburn continue this way I hope the FA take proper action and stop this disgrace to football. Because atm to everyone thats not a blackburn fan they are making the premiership look like a disgrace.


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