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    Blackburn Rovers - cup experts

    Sparky has done a superb job in my view. Souness left them in the bad state, in his first season, Sparky battened down the hatches and really ground out results to earn a place in the premiership and an FA cup semi final.

    This season has been a different story, they are creating a lot more chances and have had some really excellent results (most notably United away and Charlton at home). Rovers aren't maybe fulfilling their potential in the league, but to make it to the last 4 in the league cup again is a really excellent achievement.
    They will no doubt be knocked out again by one of the big clubs (United) but what a great effort to get to the last 4 in this competition - well done Sparky and Rovers!

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    • so how comes you can score 2 goals in the carling cup against arsenal , but you cant score in the prem against chelsea. FFS your at home,, score a goal.

    • ROTFLMAO...Getting to you all the abuse isnt it?..


    • It makes me laugh reading your page and seeing Man U fans on TV - "We" this "we" that when the team has been winning trophies - but another empty handed season will see them scuttling for the doors and becoming Chelsea supporters.

      It is plastic support and its well known that few Man U supporters come from Manchester - Roy Keane called them the "Prawn Sandwich Brigade". No doubt about Man Utd record - but there are so many who just hop on the bandwagon when things are going well and thin out when the going get's tough.( and the #$%$ on these pages about Mancengland)
      For the record: I guess this season Man U will win the League Cup (2-0) they will come 4th or 5th in the League.
      At the end of season Scholes and Nistelroy will be away(they are not the players they used to be) along with Smith who isn't up to the mark.
      Silvestre?? Free Transfer and some speed training!! Ferdinand? Decent O'K' but the most lax and overated defender in the league. There
      Are lean times ahead for Man U --Chelsea have got it all sewn up)
      and Rooney(a remarkable talent who carries all utd hopes on his shouders straight after joining them) will have a short lived career if someone doesn't get a grip of him and calm him down and not play him so much -- Other wise some #$%$ talentless #$%$ like Vinnie Jones will come along and clobber him just to make a name for himself.

      Alex looks like he's struggling to get out of bed after the sessions so it looks like close to end game -- Bring back RK as manager to Kick #$%$ and clear out and see the rue supporter who stick with the club.

    • Shows you can do alot with next to nothing.(no pun intended). Hard luck tonight. Still at least you play more attractive football than arsenal and Chelsea. And yeah your right Sparky has done a great job.

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      • I bet you wish you hadnt said that now blkdrey, as Blackburns done a league double over your team of whinging wankers and silenced your dick sucking supporters!

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        4-3!!! David Bentley hat-trick, score only flattered because of RVN two goals!

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        Watch Chelsea zoom off further and further into the distance with the Premiership title!

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        Liverpool with two games in hand and biting at your arse for second place!

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        Rio Ferdinand sent off for being a prick! Do you love him now then blkdrey?

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    • Yep, Sparky has done well after a dodgy start.

      Still a legend in the eyes of All United fans.

    • Souness should have gone a long time before he did, as a manager i personnaly do not rate him - look now what he done to Newcastle one of the biggest team in the Premiership.

      Hail Sparky - an excellent tatical manager dispite the ongoing spat about the 'Bad Boys' image that we seem to have adopted. He has transformed the team into a wellmoulded squad and have a very good view of qualifing for Europe. 8th in the league, semis of the league cup at present (hope we can go past) and the prospect of the F.A cup. Great results this season , UTD, Charlton both in the cup and league and recently away to Wigan.

      Hopefully we be a force to reckon with like we was a decade ago.

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      • yea i agree Blackburn are improving a lot, but 1 of you made a comment of tactic formation of 4-3-3 i dont think it will work out this way because the balance of midfielder isnt strong enough, and the other team will be attackin and takin much of the possesion, 4-4-2 is good enough. take a look at spurs, they have tighten up since martin jol took over, i ency blackburn still though because i never forget they beat us in league cup back in 2001 or 2002, andy cole score the winner and i was there in the milliuem stadium, (i live in cardiff). i hope blackburn can keep it up and beat man utd in the 2nd legs of semi final, GOOD LUCK LADS

      • Sparks has done such a great job with Rovers and I believe that the players have such a great respect for with his experience in he game. Yes the London press really give rovers the Bad Boy image but what I say is that rovers play a British game and the london clubs play a more continental game. with all these great results recently.

        Yes after a good against the top teams we seem to lose against teams below us but it an trditional classic rovers sequence which we seem to give teams above us a run for their money but yet lose against teams below us.

        Rovers I believe are goin all the way

    • I'm minded to agree - I only get to watch Rovers at a distance (being skint and in Bristol) but the impression I get is that we're sharper in general throughout the team and playing with more passion and pride. It's just a shame that we can get results like the ones against ManU and Charlton, and then lose matches that we ought to win (for example Fulham last weekend) through lack of finishing. Which, on a tangent, leads me to ask another question - what's our best attacking option? I would say Dickov and Bellamy in a 4-4-2 (when fit), but Kuqi's performance against MBoro makes him difficult to ignore...? Maybe a change of formation, 4-3-3 anyone?