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  • How well was he recieved down in England and especially by the Rovers fans?

    In Scotland the media make him out to be superman, but to be honest I think he's a decent player but no world beater.

    What's your view?

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    • I think Barry Ferguson is a good player. One however fails to notice the gap between the Scottish League and the Premier League (no offence).

      Ferguson's a good leader who failed to adapt to the different style and pace of the EPL due to various reasons. A good player no doubt.

    • Barry Ferguson was unlucky with injuries and was finding his form when he returned back north.A good tireless worker who gave rovers some match winning performances, however found premier league a little fast at times. If he had stayed he would have been classed as a good average premier league player.

    • he looked a good player for the Rovers, but never quite lived up to the hype from Souness who claimed he was one of the greatest players ever. He had a few good games as I remember it, but never seemed to settle into life in the Premiership. A few good performances and goals might have improved confidence in the lad, but as it stands, his career in England was very shortlived. I don't think most Rovers fans had enough time to make a real decision about his abilities, but largely I think its thought that he didn't really live up to the hype from Souness. It's a real shame that it didn't work out as it would have further improved Rovers association with some excellent Scottish managers and players. These days though, its all about the Wales!