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  • Alex Alex Jan 3, 2006 05:36 Flag

    Happy New Year!

    even the most hardcore rovers fans couldn't have predicted beating Boro twice at the Riverside, Wigan away and Portsmouth at home. All of those fixtures looked tough, so to come away with 4 wins is a truly excellent effort. It was a tough win today against Portsmouth, but to grind out another 3 points to rise to 8th in the Premiership - and only concede 1 goal is fantastic form.
    Hope the team can keep this up and we should be in for a fantastic season!

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    • Hey, I'm not a Rovers fan but I agree it is great form an I hope you keep it up. :D You've probably noticed not many rovers fans use this board so just thought I’d point you in the direction of the BBC's 606 messages boards there is a small rovers community goin there.


      hope this helps! (sorry for the useless info if you already use them too)