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  • Hey Mark,
    You've been doing great at Blackburn as a manager and we can all see it the way the team is playing and where they stand but please stop crying!
    Man U outclassed you throughout the match on Wednesday. Blackburn had one chance and it was a goal.
    So please stop finding excuses about Mr. Poll or fight between Rio and Robbie (who's not a saint).
    Have some dignity and accept that Blackburn was beaten by a better team and that's all!
    Maybe soon Blackburn will outclass Man U!!!

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    • Didn't we outclass you at Old Trafford earlier in the season...? Yes, yes we did...

    • nobody is disputing the fact that over the two legs Utd desrved to win the game.

      However, Mark Hughes is 100% right about his opinion of Poll. He was never going to allow Bburn to win that game. Every decision that mattered went with UTD. Would he have awarded bburn that penalty if it had hit a UTD defender. No way!!!

      Poll cosies up to the big time charlies, he wants to be seen to be there mate. He wants to appear to be part of the big time scene with the Man Utd's and Roonies of the world.

      He is a cheat and a fraud, who has forgotton his place in football - a referee not a celebrity