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  • Stephen Caudwell Stephen Caudwell Feb 1, 2006 11:52 Flag

    Paul Dickov - is he good enough?

    I know, he knocked in a dozen or so goals last season and has 5 in the Premiership so far, and I can't fault the man for his attitude and commitment, but I can't help thinking that if we want to be a top six team this/next season we need another striker in the Owen/Fowler/Shearer mould that can knock in 15-20 goals in a season to partner Bellamy. Although Dickov is good, he's never set the world on fire and I'm not sure whether Bentley or Kuqi are likely to fill the prolific goalscorer role for next season either.


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    • Yeh i admit hes not got the biggest guns in the game and we really should of had beattie rather than everton but i think i know who we should buy... Van nistelrooy could be set to join the transer list and it'd be magical to have him but i think saha's a better bet if we could get him!

      Any thoughts at all just reply.

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      • dream on pal. im a massive rovers fan but theres no way on earth he is gunna come to little rovers. we were lucky to get bellamy here. theres talk of gudjohnsen moving from chelsea but i cant see that happening either as man utd are supposed to be after him aswell. but then again its more realistic than van nistelrooy!

      • Dickov was great for us (City). I think the fact he scored THAT goal at Wembly will always give him a bit of a legend status. His one let down as you say though is his goal tallies. His goals come from hard work and endevour, rather than natural goal scoring ability. And I'm not talking about technique or anything. Its that rare sixth sense of being in the right place to knock the goals in. Can't knock his attitude tho. His last game for us, he came on as sub and was so keen he fell over 4 times - then he came back and scored against next season!

    • Before i start,paul is a friend of mine so here's my bias opinion.
      1st of all can i just say,Paul has now played at the highest level in England for just over "15 years",so Yes i DO think he is good enough,you don't play for Massive teams like Arsenal,Man City and indeed Blackburn if you are not good enough.
      Also,your point about prolific goalscorer...
      Paul would tell you himself,he Is Not...has ever been...or is ever likely to be "prolific".
      BUT HE WILL ALWAYS give you EVERYTHING he has,I THINK YOU MENTIONED IT YOURSELF when you said...."and I can't fault the man for his attitude and commitment"......
      AS WELL AS score some goals along the way too,I think thats a good player,Don't You?

      I'm Not insulting you mate,just commenting.

    • I would add that the fact that MGP is our top goalscorer in the Premiership so far this season gives credence to my point.