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  • keyword keyword Feb 6, 2006 21:36 Flag

    Great Man U defending

    I was watching the Blackburn match and Rio Ferdinand made a half hearted attempt to head the ball -- which ended up going behind him to the feet of a grateful Blackburn player who scored an easy goal.
    It looked to me that in going for the ball R10,0000 was worried about messing up his hair do.Afterwards he then began screaming as though some great injustice has been done. This`is` what happens when you pay players too much money.

    Surprised also to see that Silvestre had the same hairdo- he's got enough problems about his defending without having to worry about his barnet.
    He would be better off getting his hair shaved off and an alarm clock glued to his head to wake him up when the opposing team attacks the United goal

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