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  • A Yahoo! User May 12, 2006 00:29 Flag

    Are we Wenger's World Cup guinea-pigs?

    I'd like an honest opinion on this!
    It's bizarre that in an interview today Wenger has said that Theo Walcott should start a game or two at the World Cup.
    How can he say this when he hasn't given him a minute's chance at Arsenal so far!
    If Theo started against Barcelona next week(WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) it would be great for the country!
    I,like all of England fans hope that he does great for us but I find Wenger a bit insulting to the English public at the moment.
    He got Walcott in the squad and now he's trying to get him in the starting line up!
    All this would be justified if he just gave the lad a chance at Arsenal first.
    Why should our national team be his guinea-pigs?
    It's the World Cup for f**k's sake and it's becoming obvious that his interests aren't with England but with himself!
    Give him a game with Arsenal Arsene!
    It's just that you don't care what happens to England at the World Cup as long as your lad gets a run out!
    Are we Wenger's guinea-pigs or what?