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    what is the point of buying a player who insists on having a clause inserted into his contract , stating that he can leave for 6 million and only to a champions league qualified team....! surely it show blackburn's lack of ambition.

    as a blackburn fan i am disgusted by the foolishness of it, it was a no win situation for the fans...we have a player who plays well for a season and then deserts us...i cannot understand why blackburn have been so naive...back to square one again it seems!

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    • It was obvious from the start that Bellamy was only using Rovers as a passport to a bigger club. He has simply shown that there simply is no loyalty in football today. Given that Hughes rescued him, gave him a platform to rebuild his career and made him a better player, he at least deserved another season from him instead of the kick in the teeth that Bellamy has provided. I doubt the spanish contingent at the Pool will give him the same latitude that Blackburn did.

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      • desperate shame to lose Bellamy but unfortunately as has been mentioned there is not enough loyalty in the game anymore. The problem we have now is £6.5m is not going to buy you a 15 goals a season striker in the sam mould as bellamy. The next issue is we need TWO strikers lets face it Kuqi has not cut it at the top level we now need a goal machine and someone who can bag goals but be a good target man (i.e Heskey) the question is who is sparky gonna pick up for £6.5m?

    • no premiership manager would look twice at bellamy 12 months ago, sparky gave him a chance and this is hoew he repais us. what a loser

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      • GUTTED!!!! is the best way that i can describe how i feel. Bellamy was going nowhere before he joined us and we only get a paltry 6.5 mil for him. where are we going to find another striker of his quality for that kind of money!?..

        Looks like another long season ahead batting with the minnows and an early exit from europe..... 1997 revisited?

        I hope not.... maybe we could get Sutton back on a Free...

    • lets face it next season were #$%$ without bellamy. thers no way were gunna be able to get anyone near to the same class with the 6.5mill we got for him. we need someone like mido and someone who runs at defenders like bellamy did. maybe baros? i know he's not as good as bellamy but he definatly has the potential to be if he is managed the correct way.

    • Couldnt agree more - disillusioned with the way the club does business... I seem to remember Mr Bellamy denying he had a clause in his contract when he signed ,saying the club wouldnt agree to nor would he request one...

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      • The point is we got him for 5, will sell him at a profit at 6.5 (OK it should be a LOT more) but in the meantime we've had a good season out of him, lots of goals and got into Europe. That's not bad business as any Geordie fan will tell you.

        I'm still hoping he'll stay for a guranteed first team place rather than squad rotation over there but its a bit of a forlorn hope.

        Unfortunately Souiness is out of a job so he can't piss off his best players into leaving for us to poach so lets hope Sparky can work his magic again and sign up a decent striker, casue elsewhere we're not too bad. Although apparently he's looking at Pascal Cygan! WTF!!