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  • Now we've lost Bellamy we're after Earnshaw, possibly the worst attacking footballer I have ever seen, does anyone know how many goals he scored for West Brom? In the season they were relegated he scored ONE league goal. He's a Championship player at best, we need someone who will score the goals that Bellamy did to get us in such a lofty position. This guy is not one of them, i would use our own Gallagher in a heartbeat over this highly over-rated Welshman.

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    • would have to agree, We spent 5 mill on Bellers and want to replace him with his understudy, we need quality, and for some reason Blackburn rovers and quality strikers (post Shearer) dont really go. to mature the younger players like, Gallager, derbyshire and johnson is good for the clubs future, but were not goin to get anywhere next season with them up front , we need quality sparky !!