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  • Lucas did Australia proud in the World Cup.
    The Socceroos did there best and they had 20 million aussies backing themall the way.
    Its unfortunate that during the first 3 games poor decisionsmade by the refeeres almost cost us a place in the top 16 but our guys fought back and made history when they got Australia into the top 16!
    Again due to a poor decision against Australia in there match with Italy we were robbed of a chance to progress further in this tournemant.
    I read an interview this morning where Lucas said that Aussies are perhaps too honest and at the end of the day when you look at your trophies you dont remember poor decicions or dishonesty only the achievement so maybe you shouldnt be too honest?
    I think honesty is what makes the Socceroos the great team that they are. You all worked so well together as a team and i enjoyed every minute of watching you great sportmen represent our country.
    Be proud - have no regrets and no that not one person in Australia blames Lucas Neill for the loss against Italy!
    You will continue to do Australia proud!

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    • I think Lucas Neill is a hero and he deserves to be recognised. He did Australia proud and i think he played really well in the world cup and i agree that the reffereeing descision cost us a place in the top 8 and i believe that we will be there in 2010 and fired up to win the world cup