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  • April fools day is long gone and i read the biggest joke of them all!! Not just that Bellamys carrrea at liverpool is as alive as micheal jacksons face but that we want to sign non other than .....David Beckham. Few issues arises from this, why in holy firey Burnly would he want to come here.Attendance is 18 thousand at best doesnt really compete with madrids 740000!! Salery, since he'll want all the money grass and blood he can get ....no logic people !!

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    • I think Hughes made a passing comment that he wouldnt say no to Becks signing for us but realistically he and everyone else knows that there is no way in any universe that East Lancashire has the kind of glamour required for even a 45 year old Becks.

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      • Interesting to see Gamst calling for Beckham to join us. I still say there is no chance, and its about time Gamst showed us some of that superb form that he has.
        A fabulous win today against Fulham, but again Pedersen didnt show us the magic. Maybe we should give Peter a whirl whilst Gamst has a word with himself!