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  • if you lot can wholeheartedly support savage as a fair and honest players,and feel that is the way football should be played then that explains your permanent position in the middle of the premiership

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    • All these people on here glad at what has happened to savage. I'm a Sheffield united supporter and to say people are glad and he deserves what he got is rubbish. I personally do not like Savage as a player but I would never wish for another player to be seriously injured. To Blackburn Fans I'm sorry to hear about Savage and wish him a speedy recovery. Regards James

    • A little known fact published in 1995. During the year we won the premiership, in the transfer market Liverpool, Aston Villa (amazingly enough) and Newcastle still spent more money than us.

      I'm unsure ... but has anybody spent £400m like Chelsea apparently have ? How much have Liverpool and Arsenal spent in the last few years ? Man Utd paid nearly £40 million just for Rooney and Carrick.

      When we sold Shearer to Newcastle .. that cleared all the debt we owed Uncle Jack.

      To still achieve parity with such money spending monsters is fantastic. I wouldnt refer to it as a One season wonder.

    • iel781 is used to watching Wengers's Arsenal, a team that plays the best football i remember seeing and yes, better than brazil in the modern game anyway. English football is about scrapping for the win (unless you are managed by Arsene) most of the time, even Man Ure do this more often than not. Robbie is one of these scrappers and he does it very well, he gets his foot in, uses his strength well, is a good team player and good to have in the dressing room. Ok, some of the things he says in the public arena are not so clever, his spat with his international manager springs to mind to name one but he lets his football do the talking too. A good player but not a brilliant one. Even though you see him fly into a challenge he doesn't go to break players legs (Roy Keane anyone?), its a shame he broke his leg, Rovers will miss his tenacity in the middle of the park. Get well soon Rob.

    • permanent position in middle of table dont think so i do recall finishing in top 6 last year o yes we did qualify for europe suppose your either chelsea fan or man u fan from down south

    • He plays with his heart on his sleeve, and within the boundaries of the rules as the referee seem fit. I dont recall many red cards.

      It would be nice to have limitless wealth like Chelsea or the fan base of Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool but we dont. Therefore, we do not have the option of watching the likes of Ronaldo do his ridiculous foot weaving around the ball, and the pace and direction of Henry.

      We do however, have the option of a traditional British midfielder who is prepared to get stuck in, disrupt the tempo of the prima donnas and to the best of my knowledge football is still a contact sport.

      As for 'mid table', we won in 1994/5 and finished 6th last year. For a small town club, this is sensational. This is with the additional 'grit' that Savage gives us. Okay, maybe we are not as pretty as Arsenal, but we play some real nice stuff ... and personally I enjoy the old style 'English' gung-ho style of play.

      Besides, I am truly appalled if someone cheers the injury to any player; be it one you like or one you dont. It is shameful.