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  • makanaki makanaki Feb 17, 2007 22:57 Flag

    improve your game

    with such a perfomance you guys will never win a cup, this replay now is just stress but do you think we will lose. your teams attitude is disgusting and the ref saved it by a stupid decision where we all saw it was a penalty, i mean even wycombe played better against chelsea. grow up and at least try to entertain the crowd.

    verdict: poor , poor and poor

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    • Blackburn 1, Arsenal's superstars at tens of thousands of pounds per week and an overpayed baby of a manager ---- wait for it......0, nil, nada, nothing. Verdict>>> Arsenal poor, poor, poor. I guess for all Arsenal 'beautiful' football, goalscroing and winning hasn't been their strength recently, don't know how you can assume they will win a cup..

    • HaHaHa
      Could'nt bully Chelsea, certainly can't the rovers. We'll loan you Andy Todd for next time you play 'em.

      To all the sensible non-gobshite gunners out there, yes you do have the best team in the league and the all the whingers (or wengers) do you lot a dis-service. Just make sure you put one over on the Mancs. Best of luck in the Champions league

    • >this replay now is just stress but do you think we will lose?

      I love it when a plan comes together

    • not freeflowing beautiful football,we set out to do a job with an understrength team and did just that.football is about tactics and playing to your strengths,wenger has been outthought for once,and arsenal had no response to the defensive tactics.you had one penalty desicion which went against you, and not much else.get used to it, other teams will be playing you, with the same ploy in the league and cup games.points mean survival,weaker teams will do what they have to at any cost

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      • Yes, that was a clear penalty - but all credit to Friedel and our defence - they were absolutely outstanding to deny Arsenal what should have been an easy win.
        These tactics may have been annoying for Arsenal, but that's why they were played. We now have a half chance. Sparky will be watching the tape of last nights PSV game and that will give our lads confidence. I fully expect Arsenal to be much better than that - but I have to say, the deity of Henry looked absolutely shattered.
        Now imagine our lads - our squad cost a fraction of Arsenals, we've had almost as many games and we have 7 players out. I think most football teams would love to be in the position we are in right now - and a lot of that is down to our tactics on Saturday. I for one enjoyed the game immensely.

    • sounds like sour grapes... we did our job brilliantly, arsenal failed to do their job ... i mean if they played like they are capabale of they shouldnt of have to rely on a penalty :P

    • Don't get annoyed just because you thought Arsenal would get their own way, we weren't there to entertain we were there to do a job and with a replay we did well. How is the replay stress? You've got 2 squads to pick from, Rovers barely have 1 but do you hear us moaning? Sounds like someone doesn't fancy another trip up north!