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  • JAMIE JAMIE Feb 22, 2007 23:10 Flag


    Go to 10 downing street site and sign up for the right to stand at Premiership Stadiums again.
    'SAFE STANDING' has been a major success in Germany for years now, it is fundamentally diferent from the terracing we had in Britain before all seater stadiums were forced upon us all because of the Hillsborough disaster, the fundamental diference is that another Hillsborough tragedy cannot happen again.
    Working class people and younger people would be able to afford to attend Premiership grounds again.

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    • Congratulations to Mark Hughes and Blackburn Rovers, for knocking out those arrogant gunners, i was at the millenium stadium on sunday, Arsenal will stoop to the lowest levels to get a result, luckily they were in the process of severe chastisement by the F.A. when you met them last night and also scored a last minute killer blow.
      It enabled your team to escape scotfree from the hooligan element of Arsene's babes.