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  • Andrew Andrew Jun 3, 2008 19:49 Flag

    Clubs taking Blackburn for granted

    I absolutely hate the way other clubs seem to think Blackburn have a revolving door policy. I know we are not a big club, but we punch above our weight and finish above of other teams consistently (namely Man City, Newcastle, Tottenham, West Ham etc.) Yet these clubs think nothing of tapping up players and taking managers. Down the years these same players were seen as undesireable until Blackburn took a chance and signed them (i.e. Bellamy, McCarthy, Bentley, Santa Cruz etc.) Chelsea tapped up McCarthy last year and it turned his head and he wasn't the same player afterwards. If Hughes goes I can see a mass exodus with Bentley, Santa Cruz, Pederson, Emerton and others going. Is there no commitment to clubs these days. Clubs like Man City and Newcastle throw away top class managers like it is going out of fashion (without even giving them time to prove their worth), and it is all to the detriment of the smaller clubs....

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    • it isnt for money. its the beautiful game.

    • Well, you will be able to test your Newcastle/Chelsea theory when Sparky does one to Man. City and you are lumbered with Big Sam, come on to the Newcastle message board a couple of months into the season and you can let us know if you still think he is a "top class" manager then!

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      • whatever happened to loyalty we revived bentleys carrer he wants out now santa cruz looks to be heading out of the door.the big money clubs are ruining football as soon as a team starts to build a decent side they come and raid there manager and best players where will it end.there should be some sort of a limit on a clubs spending power for transfers or no one will ever break the top 4 and this league will become dull with 2 maybe 3 teams incontention everytime.