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  • Alright, Sparky has been tempted away to patures new, possibiltiy of top players going as well. But it was always going to happen. Mark Hughes is a top manager who has seen the opportuinty to try a different type of management, one with money. He is in Europe again this year where, he wants to excel. He needs to build on his CV to progress to the top. As for the players, very few have any loyalty, but thats football for better or worse. We have enough good players to afford losing some and with the write appointment as manager we will attract more. (not every one was so optamistic when Hughes was first appointed.
    My only hope is that we don't take a backwards step and appoint negatice narrow minded managers like Allerdyce or Maclaren. Both have pretty poor records on style and league positions.
    If we can't get a good young manager (Shearer/Ince/Martinez) I think we should look outside the english football league and go to europe.
    But all speculation aside, things will be fine next year, with the right manager.

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    • So, someone else thinks Martinez has a good deal of potential, I wish your board would give him a try, I doubt very much they would be prepared to "risk" such an appointment. Maybe he will do well this coming year with Swansea,but by then it will be too late! I just hope for your sake you do not appoint Big Sam or Mclaren !