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  • firstly i'm a northener,2ndly a liverpool fan,3rdly an england fan.get a protest ralley organised as quick as poss,i read on msn that he has thrown his hat into the ring,oh oh.don't let mc'clown get the reigns you all know he will kill your club!!

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    • Why is everyone outside blackburn determined to make sure McClown is our next boss. Now even McKay is on his side! his track record is appalling and as an english manager close to that of the turnip. I hope that the directors at blackburn keep sense and have faith that following the Euros plenty of managers will become available. blackburn are quite an attractive proposition for overseas coaches. we do well each year and have good raw talent. It's conceivable that with a bit of money we can push to top five next year! With Mc Clown however, i feel a relegation battle on the cards!!