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  • I wrote the stuf below over on our board but id be interested on any Blackburns fans take on this too......

    Im reading today that the Toon chairman has narrowed his choices down to Poyet or Ince for the vacant barcodes job.
    Now does this strike anyone else as slightly presumptous? Not only are they both under contract but Poyet has alreeady stated his desire to stay at WHL and Ince.....well he's only been in his current job a few months. Are we right to assume that as long as Ashley wants one he'll just simply stroll up and take him FFS?
    I know we live in an age of money talking but this is quite frankly laughable. Perhaps we should have a transfer window for mangers/assistants.
    Im sure Levi will play hard ball...but the Blackburn mob must be seething.

    ....over to you.