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  • Hi all football fans,just a quick hello and to tell you of the new service team on yahoo. although this is new and will take some time to get established, you could say im the board police. i am here to oversee the running of the boards and that they are being used in the correct way. I obviously will not be reading every message or be on the boards 24/7 but i will follow up all complaints and if their is persistent offenders they will be dealt with by way of warnings and, if suffice, deleted altogether. We want these boards to be a place for fun, discussion and topical argument, but not abusive and threatening. Please feel free to e-mail me on benbenjamin@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to report anything or if you have any ideas on improving the boards, i will endeavour to answer as soon as is possible. May i also wish you all a good season and hope your time spent on these boards is an enjoyable one, Regards Ben

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