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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 15, 2010 03:21 Flag

    Potato Head wins lottery again

    Mr Potato Head aka Sam Allardyce has been sacked again which will no doubt lead to another £5m payoff. He left Bolton after creating a cross between rugby and football team, with a big fat handshake.
    He was sacked by Newcastle for trying to do the same thing and left with a reported £4m + 17M payoff for his hangers on. Now Blackburn's new owners have him sussed ( They want good interesting football) and given him the boot which will end up being onother £5m jackpot.

    Winning the lottery 3 times!! How does he do it?
    A bit fat brainless plonker- but a very rich one.

    (Don't forget he's being mentioned as a future England boss!!!)