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  • stevieb stevieb Aug 22, 2007 19:27 Flag

    Love him or hate him...Stoners good

    Whatever people think about Casey Stoner you have to admire his riding. This year is the closest we have had to satellite bikes being the equal of the works bikes and Stoner is comprehensively beating the other Ducatis. I’m not a great Stoner fan (Cappirex) but make no mistake, it is him as a rider that’s making the difference. No one complained when Rossi was on a Honda and beating everyone by 10 seconds!!! What we need to see is traction control banned and the Yamaha team with Pneumatic Valve engines on Bridgestones. Then we’d see Stoner really earn his money.

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    • yes i agree wif u,that stoner can beat other ducatis but i believe if 46 take control of ducati as the similarity power as stoner,there wil be a great pressure for stoner as both are fighting dog at last race,san marino.

    • the crisis for dorna is that motogp becomes boring.which it is.
      it aint particulaly stoners fault,although he dont help,as you say he is doing his job.
      but in england if people can remember before rossi arrived in 500s, no one was interested in it.
      20 thousand at a gp but more for bsbk.
      if this boredom continues we will be back there
      get rid of the electronics,then stoner,rossi,pedrosa,melandri will be battling everyweek

    • Hmm, how much bike's are running Bridgestones?
      And wasn't there a second Ducati?

    • He is so much better than good, I have seen him putting the power on down the "Corkscrew" and after turn one at Jerez, the bike is all in knots but he just nails it, his confidence level is so high compared to the 2006 LCR Honda.

      But the season is still boring, I always attacked formula one for no overtaking, oh well, now we have formula one bikes!

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      • I agree this season is a little tame, but you have to give everyone a chance to develop the bikes properly.Ducati have obviously hit the ground running this year but thats no gaurantee for next year.Valentino's choice of engine at the weekend proved that!
        As for everyone moaning about Casey,I expect nothing less
        but that doesn't change the fact the guy has got his #$%$ together this year...and before the"its the bike" rant starts,IT DOESN'T RIDE ITSELF. So give it a rest and just appreciate a guy riding at his limit and hope the rest catch up soon so we can get wheel to wheel again

    • Would Stoner be great if Capirossi was on equal machinery?
      In my opinion you can't say if someone is good if the guy is riding alone in the front without battling for the first step on the podium.

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      • you seem to be constantly looking for reasons why Stoner isn't a worthy champion. It must be sad for you being a Rossi supporter, but stop trying to bring Stoner down for silly reasons. He is racing so smoothly atm, Rossi has struggled to keep pace, and when he has been behind him even he has admitted that Stoner was too good for him on the day. So MAN UP and realise the truth. Casey is one hell of a rider who has really stepped up with a great package and new maturity.

      • I’m afraid your assertion that Capirossi has inferior machinery doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. Capirossi has struggled from race 1 this year and no team would favour a new rider over someone who would have been World Champion last year bar for his team mate. My comment was not to criticise Capirossi but to put in context Stoners performance.