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  • JOHN JOHN Sep 6, 2009 23:38 Flag

    James Tosland

    is it not time that james excepted it is embarising for himself to continue in moto gp...as it it clear he is not quick enuf!!!!!

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    • He may be a good rider but there are more hungry riders who will make more of aplace in moto gp . Jame's data showed his corner speed was not fast enough and he could not improve it .

    • Since Rossi and Edwards have remained good friends.. how much influence did Rossi have on Yamaha for Edwards to stay within the team?

    • I agree and do not forget that Colin had time as Rossi's teamate as well as his time with Tech3 so like for like James has not had that long
      Mr Spies has a lot of expectations to live up to and only the potential of one WSBK world championship at least James has two

    • so JTs had a difficult year.....how many other riders have found the going tough??? Colins had his fair share of tough times but still managed to keep his seat....i think 2 years isn't long enough for anybody to get to grips with motogp....i for one will be hoping he gets the chance to ride for pramac...give him the time in the saddle some of the other riders have had and i do believe he'll prove he's worthy of being in motogp!!!!!! GOOD LUCK JAMES.

    • Why Yamaha is replacing James Tosland with Ben Spiers is very strange. and a Mistake
      Judging by Spiers last race, and when he was last in Moto GP.. i think he was lapped..
      I will bet he will not do as well as Tosland....Spiers WILL be a back-marker....in Moto GP

      Who is there that can keep with the Top 4 Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner, Lorenzo... NON of the others are near to these 4.

    • I read with interest Jeff. Not sure if being with a good crew chief is the only answer. Racing a Moto GP bike or even any bike is about "FEEL". Some people have it in abundence,like Vale,Casey, Dovi etc . Some people just dont have as much. A bit like me really. I think for the tops guys it is quite a natural talent. I think you can also learn alot but in the end its all about talent. James Toseland is a fantastic racer/rider. He just doesnt have that last 1 % yet. I wish him well in WSB. He could become the 1st rider to win on 3 different makes of motorcycle. Go get em JT !!

    • i read between the lines that James is not too hot on bike setup, if this is true then he'd need at least 3 years with a good crew cheif with him. As we have seen before lots of riders try moto gp but dont quite make it.

      I dont think that Spies will be having such an easy time on the tech 3 bike as he has this season on the superbike.

    • Its good to see the Eurosport people are on the ball with the latest news....er not...

      Its official JT is no longer a Yamaha rider, & Ben Spies is taking his ride. MCN Article ;http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport/sportresults/MotoGP/2009/September/sep1709-toseland-loses-motogp-ride/

    • Well done Skerries100 very elequently put your comments are by far the most enlightened and well balanced on here, I think all brits would love to see JT doing well in GP however when there are the likes of RDP,Elias and De Angelis all looking for jobs (im not convinced by Vermuelen) how as a team manager could you justify having JT on that Yam??..What I do think everyone is forgetting is that JT is a 2 times world champion where as Spies 9 (If he wins it) will only be a one time wc SO WHOS TO SAY HE WILL BE ANY BETTER????!!!. It would be amusing if Spies was worse than JT however by then JT will be back in WSB so its not as if he would get the bike back...

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