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  • Adrian W of Hull. Adrian W of Hull. Oct 13, 2010 01:56 Flag

    Lorenzos devalued championship

    Do not forget Nicky Hayden won a world championship mainly through Rossis bike failure, but he will allways be remembered as "world champion". Even Valentino said Nicky deserved the title. After all who ever has the most points wins.

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    • Well said chas999, its nice to know there is a Vale fan that is prepared to admit that Jorge got the title fair and square. He rode the wheels off that Yam and its hoping it will go as well, if not better this year. To all you blinkered Valenteen's, use chas999 as an example and admit he would not have won the title anyway if he never bust his leg. Jorge just birched him, end of story

    • you cannot possibly devalue his title, he rode well kept it wheel side down, was on the podium at every round, i think, we could all knock him. but same bike same team same engines, im the biggest rossi fan, but this is just sour grapes, i wouldnt be surprised if young george does it again, give the kid his due respect and stop moaning , if ifs and buts were chips and puts id be miguel angel himenez,

    • I agree, and thats the one most other riders have got used to.

      Won't be long before they see it from behind again............

    • Not putting Rossis broken leg down... well, I am... but other riders such as Randy de Puniet/Mika Kallio had far worse breakages last season than "the Doctor", and just got on with riding like a man, rather than whimpering and making excuses like a spoilt child.

    • Well, Toby Moody and Julian Ryder certainly didn't think the championship was devalued and nor do I.

      Do you really think every championship that Rossi one was a battle to the last race of the season? I remember the title contenders during his winning seasons have many DNFs and missing races due to injury, or riding with fractured shoulders (Gibernau is one of many that springs to mind).

      So perhaps we should have another survey, do you think Rossi has won devalued championships due to lack of competition as he had an easy season due to others injuries?

      Lorenzo won fair and square. Even with Rossi fit, Lorenzo won fair and square, and will continue to win races.

      Lorenzo had a good chance of winning the championship in 2009, until he developed crash phobia, but 2010 was his year, hence Rossi throwing the "I'm loyal to Yamaha, evict Lorenzo campaign" toys out of the pram charade.

    • You are some muppet. If you truly believe that Lorenzo developed the Yamaha to win this year start watching netball and leave bike racing for people who understand. There was no Yamaha before Rossi and Burgess and forget walls and tyres Rossi has proved no matter what he rides he is competitive. Lorenzo is without doubt a very talented bike rider but why must we continually slag off a rider who has proven himself a great champion winning in the 500, 990 and 800 eras taking on all comers. Bring on 2011 and lets see some new riders up at the front.

    • WHAT? You havent seen Rossi's fall in the very last race... Hayden did not forget to thank him chearfully!

    • no he fell of at the final round and lost it.bottled it open your eyes man!

    • To put the record straight, Lorenzo did not ignore Ben Spies, he was simply unaware of his presence in the elation of winning his first Moto GP championship. If you read MCN you would have seen that Jorge was mortified when he saw the video and immediately got in contact with Ben. Why does everyone say he's a spoilt brat? what has he done? is it because he's not Rossi? Doesn't gurn every time a camera is pointed at him?
      Just get off his back, he's only young and Rossi was not exactly the perfect article at that age. god knows who all you 'Valenteenies' will follow when he eventually minces off in to the sunset, you hate Stoner (moaner), Pedrosa (robot), Lorenzo (spoilt brat). Maybe you will all fade away and leave Moto GP to real fans, who give credit to other riders when they turn in a good performance. PS nice to see Casey is developing the bike for Rossi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • ROFL!

      George, once again you have excelled yourself!!!

      Thank you for brightening my day

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