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  • Mulaifi Mulaifi Jul 3, 2011 19:56 Flag

    Why Rossi is not fast on Ducati?

    I think it's obvious that Rossi is just not comfortable with the bike; hence, he is not pushing hard, he doesn't want to risk it.

    We know that the bike is fast (but difficult), as Stoner was very competitive on it.

    Ducati either drastically change the bike characteristic or get a gutsy rider.

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    • Stoner was only fast when everything on the Ducati was electronically controlled, now that has had to come off the bike is a shed on wheels

    • I can't believe such a dumb question is being asked on here. You obviously don't pay attention to MotoGP.

    • Maybe or maybe not, but one thing for sure, he's not giving up yet!!!
      I think Ducati would be better positioned next year, with probably the best bike, as they've the whole 2011 to develop it.

    • Sorry Dan but VR will never win another moto GP title again.............

    • James It must be hard for you to accept the truth mate.. its ok mate.

    • A few years ago Rossi offered to swop bikes with stoner in a one on one race we now know were that would have ended Rossi said he could ride anything we know the duke needs some work but you can see he does not trust the bike, Come on Rossi get on with it and ride the bloody thing

    • After reviewing everyone's comments, we can summarize as per the following:
      1- Rossi doesn't trust the bike; hence, he's not pushing;
      2- He's doing fine and developing the bike, and he'll prevail;
      3- Rossi is not competitive anymore, he has lost it; or
      4- Ducati is not competitive.

      Therefore, I suggest we vote:
      I vote number 1

    • wrong question.. the right one is Why Ducati is not fast enough for Rossi???

    • It moves around to much, as much as the old NSR 500, I don't think so

    • Rossi and Stoner.. In the 2010 season the gap between the Honda,yamaha and the ducati was a lotless than it is in 2011.Honda and yamaha have improved there bikes for 2011, where ducati haven"t. So the gap got bigger so if rossi riding the same bike as stoner had last year,Rossi going to have to close a bigger gap than stoner had to do 2010 meaning that stoner would be closer to the front runners as the pace of the ducati was closer to honda and yamaha last year, plus there was riders who were not as quick or on the pace like they are this year, ie.simoncelli..dovi..spies..so stoner real comp last year was lorenzo and rossi and dani when they was fully fit.so we can say that in 2010 the riders were not as quick as they are in 2011.So that makes the races harder for rossi as riders are doing better than they did in 2010 so the field of riders are stronger in 2011.Hayden been on ducati for a few years so he should know it inside out and as more experience on it than rossi but has only beat rossi twice on it, but rossi been the best ducati rider so far this season so to me that proves rossi doing the best with what he has at the moment on the ducati for is first season on it.People will say stoner won on the ducati and yes he is the best ducati rider to date and rossi doing #$%$ on it and he"s not as good as stoner on it..So my point is that rossi doing the best he can with what he has against who he racing, just like stoner did when he rode the ducati and each season different ie. some bikes get better and some get worse so the gap grows between each season and some riders get quicker each season and people who understand racing should know that.

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