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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 3, 2011 23:10 Flag

    Why Rossi is not fast on Ducati?

    I do wish he would just stop moaning/making excuses and get on with it, the honda was a quick bike at the end of last year and the ducati won......was it 3 out of the last 4 races.......? He's had the best engineer and the best bikes for years, maybe is ambition is more then his talent...?

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    • Rossi and his engineer Made them the best bikes - Yamaha was worse than the Ducati when they joined, the reason he is not winning on the Ducati is the restrictions on testing out of season, they havent had time to develop the bike yet and Ducati don't have the resourses that Yamaha and honda do, it will come good and he wont give up until it does, Melandri couldn't ride it , hayden can't, Cappirossi can't, only Stoner can ride it because he doesn't realise it doesn't handle properly ! his approch is always win or fall off and he did both plenty of times.
      Have some patience Rossi and Burgess will fix it - then just watch what happens !!

    • How can you say he's had the best bikes, and the best engineer for years?. Yes when he started on the Honda in 2ooo it was the best 500 2 stroke, and the 990 4 stroke was the best, but when he moved to the M1 it certainly wasn' t the best by a long way. then when he rode the 800 M1 it was the 2nd slowest bike on the grid, and has remained slower than its rivals ever since, but he still took the M1 to 4 world titles 5 if you count Lorenzo's win, because Valentino made that bike what it is today, I see Lorenzo has made no changes on the bike for 2011. As for J.B he admits that since the age of electronics his role has got less and less, I think J.B's job is vale's go between. Its obvious its the bike, but you can bet that vale will get the bike the way he want, and then win. Allit needs is a new chassis, you can't flex an engine ?. As for talent, there has never been a rider in history with more. Ambition, 9 world titles say it all, I remember Donington Park in the early 90s when there were 15000 fans, then when one man shone through there were over 100,000 fans, I can't say anymore.

    • It seems like he can't trust the bike and it must be a bit of a dog as no other rider can do anything with it either... Nicky is the the most experienced Duc rider and has done nothing with it, I would love to see what he could do on a Honda. Rossi knows how easy the Duc washes away the front and is scared of breaking himself again. He should have said orry and went back to Honda if he HAD to leave Yamaha,,, Duccati= bad move

    • After months of deliberation and watching the Ducati in action, I've finally come to the conclusion as to why Rossi can't win on it.

      The bike is shit.