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  • L B L B Oct 10, 2006 17:32 Flag

    Paul Hunter - May God bless you.

    I am devastated to hear the shocking news this morning. What a tragedy, my heart goes out to his family. It was because of Paul Hunter my family turned into snooker watchers. We loved Paul very much, he was our favourite player, now we shall miss him so much. Paul is an unforgettable champion and we shall always love him. My heartfelt condolences to his family. I am very sad to hear this tragic news today!!


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    • The Paul Hunter fund was offered a share of the following copyright method of coaching. The four appointed executers of the fund: Steve Davis, Willie Thorne, Dennis Taylor and John Parrott were duely informed officially by letter from World Snoker headquarters but without a single reply to the very generous offer, or a reason why?

      Snooker © The Fine Art Method
      Play Snooker with Poise,­­ Elegance and Finesse.
      A secret is wasted if not­­ shared.

      The Fine Art method has been offered to World­­­ Snooker almost unconditionally and would make the­ game­­ financially self supporting and non reliant on­­ Commercial sponsors.

      The Author would prefer to­­ forfeit the copyright to the WPBSA but such a­­ concession could be abused without strict conditions.
      The­ Fine­­ Art has coaching DVDs to donate to players that­ wish to­ play, coach and teach the Fine Art method.

      Any­ player,­ boy or girl adopting Teach/Coaching as an­ occupation or­ part time hobby would pay an annual fee­ to World­ Snooker. An annual fee from each town in GB­ would­­ create income comparable to the long lost­ tobacco­ subsidy.

      Advertising a new Entertaining­ snooker method­ by youngsters would rejuvenate the game­ from its­ doldrums and going the dead end way of billiards.­ Commanding a­ copyright will make Snooker Coaching­ the worlds only­ copyright SPORT.

      The letters were sent on - 05 Dec.07 and a full copy can be seen on request. Mr hey you