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  • Mr hey you Mr hey you Mar 21, 2009 20:13 Flag

    Paul Hunter - May God bless you.

    The Paul Hunter fund was offered a share of the following copyright method of coaching. The four appointed executers of the fund: Steve Davis, Willie Thorne, Dennis Taylor and John Parrott were duely informed officially by letter from World Snoker headquarters but without a single reply to the very generous offer, or a reason why?

    Snooker © The Fine Art Method
    Play Snooker with Poise,­­ Elegance and Finesse.
    A secret is wasted if not­­ shared.

    The Fine Art method has been offered to World­­­ Snooker almost unconditionally and would make the­ game­­ financially self supporting and non reliant on­­ Commercial sponsors.

    The Author would prefer to­­ forfeit the copyright to the WPBSA but such a­­ concession could be abused without strict conditions.
    The­ Fine­­ Art has coaching DVDs to donate to players that­ wish to­ play, coach and teach the Fine Art method.

    Any­ player,­ boy or girl adopting Teach/Coaching as an­ occupation or­ part time hobby would pay an annual fee­ to World­ Snooker. An annual fee from each town in GB­ would­­ create income comparable to the long lost­ tobacco­ subsidy.

    Advertising a new Entertaining­ snooker method­ by youngsters would rejuvenate the game­ from its­ doldrums and going the dead end way of billiards.­ Commanding a­ copyright will make Snooker Coaching­ the worlds only­ copyright SPORT.

    The letters were sent on - 05 Dec.07 and a full copy can be seen on request. Mr hey you