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    • You can read more rubbish from Howy on the Sheffield United board, thats his team ! AND he has the audacity to slag of Leeds United!!

    • They no good at that either.

    • You're right, Premierblues, in one thing: quality can't be defined. Whether in sport, the arts, science or any other area certain names stand out because of undefinable qualities they embody and that they were able to build a reputation on. These days we call it a 'brand'. Leeds has a brand that fits the Premiership and that's why LUFC belongs there. If you don't believe me, try arguing with your kids (if you have any) that Hi Tech trainers are every bit as good, if not better than other premium brands.

    • Apologies accepted garrettair..without reservation! For a moment there I was not quite sure what was happening hence the question! No Offence taken! :-}

    • You really are a buffoon when it comes to detail, you know so much about Leeds United? NOT!! Get your facts right about Don Revie he did not leave the England job for Saudi Arabia, IF you want to know where he did go then type his name in a web search and find out!!!!

    • What do you know about what did or did not go on in the 70,s you were just able to read and probably were not able to tell the time, OR are you content to air an opinion from what you read many years later in the Sunday papers ? As for the players not speaking to Gary Sprake you are incorrect, within the last two years the YEP had a photo of those attending a dinner in Leeds, present were, Lorimer,Hunter,Reaney,Giles,Clarke,Mick Jones and guess who else ?You are right that Bremner and Revie were not speaking to Sprake.

    • It was actually two inter cities fairs cup, you missed an FA Charity Shield, a League Cup as well as a couple of other titles from the next division down.But Hell, that would have made your summary look rather more impressive than it did, do you suffer also from selective memory amongst all your other shortcomings ?

    • Dear dear dear,name calling now is it.Well whatever makes you feel better. The match fixingS I was talking about are the ones your 'great' side made in the 70s. Remember? The ones Gary Sprake blew the lid on. The ones that those senior players who had a part In STILL refuse to talk to Gary Sprake about. I'm glad you didnt mention the 'big' four in your assessment of success, because you will never be one of them. Spurs, Villa, Forest, Wolves. Thats another four more successful than Leeds. Getting the point yet? We could go on but i dont want to tax your brain cell thinking up more insults for me.So have fun In Swansea & Yeovil. Take your time, no ones missing you.

    • Each time you submit a post you just prove what a berk you are. So Don Revie bought matches did he? You wouldn't be referring to the Milan - Leeds Cup Winners' Cup Final when the referee was caught receiving kick-backs from Milan and banned for life, would you?

      Or perchance you are refering to the Bayern - Leeds European Cup Final when a Lorimer goal was inexplicably and blatantly disallowed.

      More recently you could be thinking of the sending off at Southampton when we were winning only to lose the game and have the sending-off overturned. Get your facts right, you cancerous pollip.

    • If you took the time to look you'll see I answered the question of what makes a big club on the 13th May post.Insults wont make any difference by the way. You just make yourself look even sillier and more insular than ever.I'm not going to go over old ground again about your lack of trophies etc because you just dont get it. Heads up own bottom to coin a phrase. I'll just leave you with this last thought. Why do you think most other supporters have no respect for you? I wont say hate, because thats a bit strong. Jealousy??? cant be that, you haven't won much at all. Support??? other clubs are just as well supported. Ground? no chance. So i'm as bemused as anyone as to why you are a big club. Cant be the match fixing, intimidation master Revie by any chance? The guy that deserted England for Saudi cash. I hope not.

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