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  • dillon dillon May 6, 2007 22:41 Flag


    Sports followers don't get opponents supporters killed as at Birmingham City when they pushed the wall onto home supporters., maimed as at West Brom when they set fire to the hot dog stand putting two in hospital with severe burns, need go on? or terrorise entire communities on their weekly outing to an away 'GAME'. Leeds followers do. Lets get this understood. WE NEVER WANT LEEDS BACK ANYWHERE NEAR THE PREM.They are universally hated. Your right it's not life or death, but in the case of Leeds, or should I say their followers, I make an exception.

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    • You raise a valid point or two, you are also very much entitled to your opinion. Not all Leeds supporters can be tarred with the same brush just as not all Brum supporters are mindless morons. Both clubs have idiots,Brum possibly have more by the very nature of the City being much larger than Leeds, the difference is they are spread over several clubs and not one. I dont expect you to change your mind, nor should you. BUT the football club of Leeds has suffered greatly through mismanagement, I honestly dont think hate should be aimed at the club, but at some of the idiots who claim to be fans. One more point, I wont tell you what job I used to be involved in, but many "Supporters" of Leeds are not from Leeds but from areas like Hull, Doncaster, Dewsbury and Batley and York, they cause trouble under the Leeds banner and the clubs image suffers as a result. As I said at the beginning, I dont expect you to change your mind ........

    • Amen to that one. BUY BUY Leeds!

    • The thing that unites Leeds United fans with beings like you is that we are sad people. The difference is that our sadness is only destined to last a couple of seasons. Yours will last an entire lifetime because it is an attitude problem.

      People hating us affects us neither physically nor psychologically but people who hate are forever stuck with a deranged mind.

    • So based on your criteria that means Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea should not be premiership clubs. We could also go through a lot of the other teams and talk about there antics in the seventies and eighties.

      Man Utd fans recently have been causing trouble at european games and they get sympathy.

      It is a pity that people like you cant get their head out of the past.

      As Leeds do have a lot of supporters we are more likely than most clubs, particularly when there are 30,000 at a home game like Ipswich to have a few invade the pitch.

      I dont think we have a devine right to be anywhere than where we are, but the reason we are in League 1 is lack of money. Just ask Sheff Wednesday and Notts Forest fans what affect that has.

      Like most clubs we need investment if we are to get back up because we cant compete with the money teams in the championship get if we have been paying off huge debts.

      Last thing, if Leeds are not 'big' why are you on this board gloating?

      Sad little tit.

    • i have followed leeds all my life and what your saying is true but we are not alone west ham are a hard unit 2 crack man utd just got turned over seriously by the roma ultras chelsea nutters all still in the prem just cos we aint there dont think its gone away you can meet up ne fri night before a game from glasgow to exeter for a ruck leeds are no angels neither are 50% off teams in the land its a survival game and we survive